Faith Used in Everyday Life

Every Sunday Morning here at The Hope Center, we have a youth service that takes place after praise and worship.  Designed for those in grades 6 – 12, we hit on topics that matter to our kids.  In youth service, we talk about real life and the real issues that come with it, and how a real God is walking with them, every step of the way.

With so much peer pressure going on amongst youth today, trying to do the right thing is harder now than ever before. Sometimes it’s hard trying to make right decisions, when you’re the only one, it seems, that struggles to make them. It makes it so easy to feel all alone.  With FUEL, we foster a family among our youth that has a strong bond— a bond that allows us to lift up and support each other, as we walk this life walk together. You see, FUEL is more than just our youth service, but a family and a lifestyle. Taking trips outside of the church walls to build memories, whether it’s going to Six Flags or just hanging out at Dairy Queen, is a big part of what we do, as well— Because it’s about having fun and being there for one another, as a family.

In FUEL, we go by the “FUEL Stool.” Picture a 4-legged bar-stool. Most stools can only remain standing with 4 legs; and our FUEL stool can only remain standing as long as we maintain the 4 legs that matter to us. Each leg represents 4 important things we believe in – Leg 1) Prayer, Leg 2) The Word, Leg 3) Friends, and Leg 4) Serving. Without any of these legs, the FUEL stool will fall down; we give young people this visual, so they learn how important these things are, in order to remain “standing” in this life.

As leaders in FUEL, our goal is to give our youth strong support, a strong family, and the gospel in a way that they can understand— something they can use in real life, right now; So their belief can become their FUEL—or Faith Used in Everyday Life.