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If you've made the decision to give your life to Jesus, we would love to celebrate with you! Tell us about it in the form below so that we can connect with you!

I have...


I'm sure you're finding yourself thinking "ok great! But now what?" You may be feeling confused on what to do next or.. you may ready to dive in and do anything and everything you can just to be with Jesus! That is exactly where you need to be, and exactly where we hope you stay! But to do that, there's a few things you will want to implement into you life now, as a new believer.

Here are a few next steps you can take in your new walk that will help draw you near to God and allow Him to teach you:

     1. CHURCH Be sure to find and stay with a good Bible-based church where you can go             every week and worship with other believers

     2. FIND ANOTHER CHRISTIAN FRIEND Other believers are definitely necessary for you to       stay strong on this walk! We need each other, to help each other, t pray for and                         encourage one another. 

     3. THE BIBLE Perhaps reading the Bible seems intimidating. How do you even approach it,       right? Don't let this stress you out. There are MANY options to reading your Bible..                   everyday!


            a. DOWNLOAD THE BIBLE APP There are many devotions and reading lans on this                            app. Many are veery easy to read and are short in length. It makes ready each day                          simple and puts His word right at your fingertips! You can download this on nearly any                      smart phone or device.


            b. DEVOTION BOOKS Do you like to read books? Grab one that is faith-based or find                      a Daily Devotion book. These books are a great guide to use towards approaching the                      Bible. They usually have short readings and verses to go along with them.

4. PRAYER This one is simple.. TALK TO JESUS! Just talk to Him. Spend time giving Him your day, asking for His help, and thank Him. There is no wrong way to pray. He is always hears us!

We hope these tips will help you as you go about this journey. We would love to help you more if you have any questions or just need prayer! You can call The Hope Center any time, send us a message, an email, whatever works for you.. we're here! 

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