Our Ministries

We are a missional church that thinks outside of the box. Here at Hope we take a look around us and try to meet people where they are, by meeting their specific needs. In Jackson alone, we find various issues that children and families face every single day—basic needs like food and safety are seldom met. We believe we are the hands and feet of Jesus Christ, and that he has called us to be the body not just a church. Because of this reason, we make it our priority to address these issues of crime, gang activity, and hunger with our weekly ministries and outreaches. At Hope, we wish to give people a place, where they can come and some of their burden is lifted— A place where they can come and know their children will be safe, where they can enjoy a meal together as a family, or where they can have real HOPE placed right into their hands, in a time where they may need it most. And most of all, we want people to discover just how much they truly are LOVED by God. Our heart’s desire is to see people fed and filled— both naturally and spiritually. And we always let people know, we will do our best to give them whatever we have, to let them know they are loved. We believe everything we have is from God, and he has given it to us, to BLESS others; and that is what we always aim to do— B.L.E.S.S. Believe, Love, Encourage, Strengthen, and Serve, with everything that we have.